General Playing Strategies In Baccarat

Apart from the various casino bonuses that may apply to the Baccarat table online or not, among the advantages you will always have by playing online is the obvious possibility of consulting the rules of baccarat, the odds of winning, and being sure at all times make the right or least risky move.

Even when playing on Live Baccarat tables, live streaming from the rooms doesn’t stop you from holding your mobile or opening the tables on your PC that help you make decisions.

We like to keep up to date, not so much in the game principles that have remained unchanged for centuries, as in consulting the various free tutorials, reviews, or blogs of the kind that we also offer. You can always learn from playmates!

After we put our soul in peace – long ago – on the non-existence of strategies that can influence the outcome of the game (understood as strategies for choosing when to stay and when to call as in online Blackjack, although often compared to Punto Banco), we too have decided to stick to training and betting simulators, to online programs that help to perfect the habit of betting rather than understanding the rules and the handling of hands.

Therefore, the ideas for a sustainable and winning approach:

  • Keep tutorials, odds calculators, and rules handy for easy reference
  • Try to minimize the house edge through the most appropriate bets.

On this last guiding principle, however, we have some more advice. Read on to understand how that helps you win more at Baccarat.

What to avoid

Among the best tips to win at Baccarat regularly is certainly the prudence in avoiding scams and urban legends.

Let’s start with the famous “symmetries.” Many players also follow them: after a PPP followed by BBB and P, they would still bet twice on the Player, just to “close” a perfect symmetry. This, dear ones, is pure fried air. It’s not that they can’t happen; it’s just not a sane, justified Baccarat betting system; there’s no one up there who has to close symmetries. At least we, in many years of online casino experience, have never felt one get rich through such a system in the long run.

The same also applies to the heralded agglomerations, intermittences, frequencies, or compensations. We don’t even go into detail to explain the motivations behind these smoky theories; they won’t help you win real money playing Baccarat online.

Try the real winning approaches to Baccarat!

So, having clarified what doesn’t work and what might work, let’s make a list of the bets – or rather, bets – that help you to earn more and win money for real in web casinos.

  • Don’t just bet on one Player (be it yourself or from behind another). Not always organized well in land-based casinos, the “tableaux” of the virtual Baccarat table (known as “wings” in Italian) regularly have more players present. While each “pointer” challenges the dealer, in turn, many of them will have better cards, more luck, or other factors that will allow you to win more often by not limiting your hands.
  • Take advantage of the differences with Blackjack! As already noted, baccarat is often associated with this other very famous game of online casino. But at Punto Banco, we have many more types of bets – both “side bets” and tied directly to the dealer or the Player – and the possibility of an outcome such as a tie!

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